Saturday, October 11, 2014

[Free] Mareew Media Recovery Pro 4.5

Mareew Media Recovery automatically recovers and undeletes multimedia files such as pictures, music and videos completely automatically from all types of flash memory cards.

NOTE: Mareew Media Recovery Pro 4.5 is available as a Giveaway of the day! You can only download and install it within October 11, 2014

Mareew Media Recovery automatically recovers and undeletes multimedia files such as pictures, music and videos completely automatically from all types of flash memory cards. System crashes, damaged flash cards and corrupted file systems are no longer a problem!

The tool supports all popular types of memory cards, and recovers digital pictures, music and videos in a wide range of formats. Direct recovery mode is available for digital cameras and MP3 players connected over a USB cord.
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Download Mareew Media Recovery Pro 4.5 now

Unzip the package of "Mareew Media Recovery Pro 4.5" you've downloaded, and carefully read the instructions for get Serialnumber or License included.


  • Installed and registered without problems on a Win 8.1.2 Pro 64 bit system.

    An US(?) company with address.(*)

    Upon start a not needed welcome screen…

    Oops, the internal program name is “DiskInternals Flash Recovery” in the version 4.5.0. A quick Google search leads to the real company and shows, that the actual program is a version 5.1

    Okay, this is a second hand shop, selling the old version from June 2012. Now I understand the welcome screen. It hides the identical DiskInternals interface.

    Nothing bad about second hand shops! If the price tag is lower, but it is the same price as the actual version 5.1 of Diskinternals.

    Well the second hand shop share the same address as Mareev, Inc.

    Should this be a trick to “sell” an old version just under a another name. Okay…

    This is a media recovery. It searched and displays only Photo&video.
    The interface is clear and understandable, you can create a recovery snapshot, a mountable .ISO for lossless searching. You can do a deep search or a fast one. The program works quick, the results are shown in a good way.

    In my test does what it claims. One of the many recovery tools, with an interesting “marketing” construction.

    Dear Maarew Inc. programmer. If you spend so much time for a new Internet page, I would spend some minutes too, to rewrite the programs header. LOL

    Uninstalled via reboot.

    Have a nice weekend!

    (*) I do no forensic research on given address…

    Comment by Karl — October 11th, 2014 at 3:32 am Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+8)
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