Friday, May 8, 2015

PCBoost 4.4 Free key

PCBoost helps you to run games, video production software, photo editing software etc. much faster.

Price $9.99. Today It's FREE

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PCBoost can make your games, video production software, photo editing software etc. run much faster. Now your programs and games will work faster on your computer without purchasing a new hardware. It allows your computer to allocate more CPU power to currently running application.

PCBoost monitors which application is running now, then it makes the CPU give this application priority over all other applications. If you switch to another program or game, PCBoost will instantly notice this change and instruct the CPU to set the old application to a normal priority and the newly active application to a higher priority. This approach allows the current and active program always use as much CPU power as possible.

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Unzip the package of "PCBoost 4.4" you've downloaded, and carefully read the instructions for get Serialnumber or License included.

PLEASE NOTE: PCBoost 4.4 is only available to FREE download and install within May 8, 2015.

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