Sunday, June 7, 2015

PCMedik 7.5 Free key

PCMedik makes your computer fast and helps to fix common issues, such as slowdowns and errors.

Price $9.99. Today It's FREE

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Do you want your PC to work like a brand new? PCMedik makes your computer fast and helps to fix common issues, such as slowdowns and errors. It will bring fast speed back to your computer in one click. PCMedik fixes common problems of your computer and makes some changes to system, which helps your computer to work like it is new.

Do not deal with a slow computer and complete tasks quickly with PCMedik!

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  • It may be worth having a look at this review from our old friend Ashraf:

    I already know that there will be many comments today warning of the potential damage that one click optimization software can cause in a system, and in some cases I am sure that the advice is wise. However, I find that very often the words used to describe a particular piece of software can be slightly mis-leading.

    I use Ccleaner, WiseCare 365 and Privazer and while one is a cleaner, one an optimizer and one a privacy enhancer all of them could simply be regarded as cleaners that have slightly different options allowing them to focus more specifically on different aspects of Windows.

    As ever, thanks to GAOTD and the developer but for software like this I will be sticking to my tried and tested trio.

    Comment by Keya23 — June 7th, 2015 at 3:23 am Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+14) Reply
  • Installed and registered without problems on a Win 8.1.3 Pro 64 bit system. A clean install.

    A company without name and address, a phone number for service questions:
    “Our innovative desktop and mobile software products are designed to be easy to use and make your life easier. Instantly download and install free trial versions of our software products today!”

    We had a previous version PCMedik 6 on August 30, 2010. Here are the very old reviews:

    The claim for version 6 was:
    PCMedikPCMedik can increase the performance of your computer and fix annoying problems like crashes and errors that randomly appear

    It can, but there is no: it does

    Today’s claim:
    Do you want your PC to work like a brand new? PCMedik makes your computer fast
    It makes for sure…

    Upon start a small not resizable window opens. Here you’ll find a true statement. It may increase. LOL

    And the first nonsense (in my eyes). With a dropdown menu you can choose (why that???) your operating system and your processor. Why should I select another OS, than the running one, or another processor?
    You can change between “boost” and “maximum boost”.

    The “optimize now” starts, searched the computer for specific details and..

    it does not tell you, what the software has done. A real black box. Reboot and you have a “brand new” computer, or maybe not or who does know, or…
    If you believe in black box software – with a “restore” option, and if you buy powder against pink elephants (“I don’t see pink elephants here!” … “See how good it works!”) than take this. I don’t believe in brand new computers, too much hassle to install all the software again and make them real working.

    Uninstalled via reboot. Be careful!

    Why fails tested software more often on my computer than on yours?

    Well, it could be that I simply have lousy bad computers. The easy answer.
    I hope that this is not the real reason.
    When we get a new converter with “new” features” like downloading from 300+ online sites, I don’t test, whether the conversion from AVI to MP4 works. I assume, that the simple things are working since version 3 or 4… I test the new features. If they fail, why should I go further? If you tell me, that the software is working on YOUR computer: great! be happy! Did you test, what I tested?

    If a converter converts text-to-pdf, pdf-to-jpg and pdf-to-word the same. I test the complicated parts, they will fail in most cases, but hey! on my computer it does extract the pictures from a PDF file. Great, if this software help you to extract pictures, but what about a pdf-to-word conversion?

    I wish you a nice and sunny Sunday!

    Comment by Karl — June 7th, 2015 at 3:44 am Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4) Reply
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