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Surely it happens, that you need to find and read a document quickly, whether an MS document file, RTF, txt, pdf or even a PHP file. It would be always time consuming and frustrating process, you have to open all documents and check their contents one by one to find your desired document. It's even worse when you are faced with a mass of unorganized documents and files. MSTech Search in contents is a very handy and useful software which helps you to find your desired documents in the easiest and quickest way possible. You just need to define your search path/multiple paths, type your desired keyword or phrase and click on the search button, then you will have quick access to all documents containing your keyword. You won't need to open any other software to see the files' contents, you can easily see the whole document preview, beside the search results' column. SPECIAL OFFER FOR GOTD: Buy MSTech Search in Contents Pro v1.4.3.160 + FREE UPGRADE to v2.0 + FOR 2PCs - 55% OFF ($8). One Day Only. The Giveaway Promotion Details: - No Free Update - No Free Upgrade - No Free Support - No Commercial Use

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