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What is human destiny? How can our deeds can affect our destiny? What if I told you that you could live your life in many different ways? Suppose you washed your dishes years ago when your Mom asked you to? Could it change your life then? Nothing can be returned now... But you have a perfect chance to live Matthew's life as your own. He's been alone since childhood. He decides to tell his story to Ashley Coul, a doctor. Try Matthew's destiny... Determine the fate of the hero taking important decisions in his life. The story tells of attempts to understand the life of a young man named Matthew. With each step back in conversation, a new fragment of his past is revealed. As you progress through the game, Dr. Cole on trying to understand why the young man has come to such a life. Key features - Sad story, but with a possible positive outcome - Choice and consequence driven narrative adventure - Multiple endings depending on the choices you make - Impressive graphics. - The game is based on real events

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