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Do you want to send the file safely to others? Do you want this file to be viewable only by that user, and to limit the number of views and output? In this case, please use "Secure Doc" product. All the security features you want are included. Change the general document to a secure document, and then forward this security document to others. When recipient open a document, the open record is sent to you in real time, and you can see when, where, and how many times the recipient opened the document. You can also remotely control the document so that it no longer opens. Features: * Convert general documents into encrypted secure documents to maximize document security. * When creating secure documents, you can specify policies such as expiration date, number of times of inquiry, watermark, prohibition of output, prohibition of copying, designation of recipient. * Secure documents can be viewed using a dedicated viewer and supports Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone / iPad * Even after the secure document is distributed, you can change the security policy for this document. * You can view logs of secure documents in real time. * The log can be received by e-mail, and you can check the time, country, and local information using secure documents in the e-mail. * You can immediately disable secure documents in your mail or main program. How to use: 1. Select the general document for which you want to create a security document. 2. Specify recipient email and Password during security document creation. 3. Send the created security document to the recipient as an attachment such as e-mail / FTP or another. 4. A dedicate viewer is required to read security documents. After creation of secure document, Link to download dedicate viewer is displayed. The dedicated viewer works on Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone / iPad. See more videos

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