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Become a YouTuber with smart video recorder! Gom Cam is a desktop video capture app that is packed with useful features. It allows you to record anything on your PC Screen, whether that be webcam feed, presentations, video calls, or gaming screens. With GOM Cam you can record what you see on your PC screen exactly as it appears. You can also record all audio outputs from your PC as well. This allows you to create more dynamic videos. You can also capture images and customize your capture by drawing on the screen while recording. Not only can you record your screen, but you can edit them on GOM Cam instantly. Select as many sections as you like and set a piece of background music to bring your video to the next level. A great feature of GOM Cam worth mentioning is that it is a life long product. Which means once you purchase a license, your minor updates for the purchased version are offered for free.

Check to download GOM Cam Basic 2.0.13 as FREE.

Download GOM Cam Basic 2.0.13 Free

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