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Do you want to protect your cloud sync folder safe? Do you want to keep your cloud sync folder data safe while you are away from your PC? This 'Hide Cloud Drive' product hide sync folder and Tray Icon of cloud drive. It also protects your files by hiding the Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders. Features * You can apply the "Deny Access" or "Read Only" policy for the selected cloud drives. * When "Deny Access" policy is selected, the cloud sync-folder is inaccessible and the Tray Icon and shortcut disappear. As a result, others can not access Cloud Drive. * You can also apply "Deny Access" or "Read Only" policies to the Desktop, Documents, Pictures folder. * This applies to the Cloud Drive displayed in Explorer, not to Cloud in the Web Browser. * If you change the Cloud Sync Folder while running the application, the application will control all Sync Folders before and after the change. After rebooting, only the changed Sync Folder is controlled. Support Cloud Drive: * Google Backup and Sync * Google Drive File Stream * DropBox * Microsoft OneDrive * Box * Amazon Drive See more videos

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