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MSTech Folder Icon is an efficient and user-friendly piece of software developed to offer you the means of customizing the looks of your directories' icons, enabling you to work with a wide array of images and colors. It gives you everything you need to change folder icons in the easiest way possible. Using any image or Windows icons in just 2 clicks. SPECIAL OFFER FOR GOTD: The Giveaway Promotion Details: - No Free Update - No Free Upgrade - No Free Support - No Commercial Use SPECIAL OFFER FOR GOTD: Buy MSTech Folder Icon Basic v + FREE UPGRADE to v3.0 Pro Edition + FOR 2PCs - 55% OFF ($12). One DAY ONLY!

Check to download MSTech Folder Icon Basic 2.9.6 as FREE.

Download MSTech Folder Icon Basic 2.9.6 Free

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