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NANO Antivirus Pro is an effective and fast certified anti-virus solution which protects against any kinds of viruses, trojans, worms and other malware including their encrypted and polymorph varieties. The key benefits of NANO Antivirus Pro are: • High level of protection against all common types of threats. • High performance, efficiency, simplicity and usability. • Handy licensing scheme for the protection of all your devices. NANO Antivirus Pro is easy to install and use. It’s ready to protect your PC right from the box without any additional settings. But you can also use a lot of settings to customize your antivirus for your needs. NANO Antivirus Pro is certified by Intel, OPSWAT and recommended by Microsoft. The product is repeatedly awarded by the test laboratory VB100 for the highest quality. Features: • Easy-to-use clear interface. • Heuristic technology for unknown malware. • Fast speed of scanning. • Full Windows compatibility. • Updates of the virus base a few times per day. • Incremental updates. • Cure of infected files. • Express scan. • Real-time file protection and internet protection. • Auto checking of removable media. • Console scanner. • Mirroring of updates. • User’s scan and update tasks customization and scheduling. • Multiuser mode. • Interface customization. • Offline update. • Password protection of the antivirus settings. • Game mode. NB: 200 days license. Administrator rights are required to install the program.

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Download NANO Antivirus Pro 1.0.1 Free

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