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You can print the watermark on the printout. You can place a watermark even when it is printed in PDF or XPS. You can also decide whether to print watermarks. Features * Print the watermark on the printout. * The watermark is printed even to PDF, XPS, etc. * The watermark is not supported for XPS and PDF output in some applications (such as Internet Explorer). * The watermark is not supported for the "Microsoft Store App" program. * Determine whether watermark is printed according to the applications 1) Watermark output only for specified applications. 2) Specified applications does not print watermark. * If you have applications that encounter errors when printing watermarks, you can register this process to the exception process to handle the problem. (That is, no watermark output) * Can display a window asking whether to print a watermark on output. * Metadata watermark support: Output date and time, printer name, document name, user name, etc. can be output as watermark. * QR Code can be output as a watermark * Supports watermark font, size, color, transparency, location, etc. * Supports: 1) Up to 4 text watermarks 2) Up to 4 image watermarks 3) 1 QR Code watermark See more videos

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