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Join and win 50 licenses for Clip Plus! Windows clipboard is the built-in storage for the data transfer between different applications. You don't normally see the clipboard: it works in background, by keeping the items that you copy or cut, and letting you insert them into other documents with the paste command. The Cut, Copy, and Paste capabilities of Windows works well for transferring single items of data but is not useful if you want to move a lot of data or keep data longer than until your next cut or copy. Because Windows overwrites the clipboard whether you were ready or not. Clip Plus works alongside the regular Windows clipboard and automatically grabs and saves text, images, and objects as they are copied to the clipboard - making them available for saving, reuse, and printing. With the award-winning Clip Plus as your Windows companion, you will take the underpowered clipboard and turn it into an unexpectedly powerful timesaver.

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