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Drop a PDF/Word/Excel file or folder on Fabreasy drag-and-drop to add your letterhead. You can print any document simply by clicking on print button (Office Ribbon and Windows PDF-Printer). The document is printed including your letterhead template. Pre-printed stationery paper is history. Just click on the e-mail button and Fabreasy PDF Creator converts your document to PDF, adds your letterhead, opens an outlook email message while it attaches your newly created PDF (including email template). Click on the folder icon to save the file as PDF. Fabreasy enables you to work with different letterhead sets, add visual and digital signatures, or even add a password before sending your PDF file (more GDPR-proof). FEATURES: Add Letterhead / stationary to PDF • Add PDF letterhead created in our online PDF letterhead editor • Use a PDF file as letterhead (overlay / underlay) • Create multiple sets of letterhead i.e. different activities (invoices / quotations / contracts / etc.) • Add cover or back (PDF file containing multiple pages is allowed) PDF Creator options • PDF Printer driver • Office Ribbon • Drag-and-drop (single file or multiple files / folders) • Command line operation PDF file output options • Folder • E-mail • Printer • Magic Wand (combination of file, email and/or print) Extra PDF tools • Fabreasy PDF Merger • Fabreasy PDF Splitter • Fabreasy PDF Text2email: scan the content of a PDF file to send an email. Signing • Add visual signature (visual signature creation tool) • Enable digital signing using a certificate (.pvk, .pfk, .pfx, .p12) PDF Security options • PDF encryption options • PDF/a (set PDF/a flag) NB: 1-computer 1-year license, for commercial and noncommercial use, 1 FREE license per company. New users only: when Fabreasy was installed before a STAMP will be added to the PDF file No free updates: do not update or upgrade No free tech support You must install and activate the giveaway before this offer has ended Online features (e.g. online letterhead editor) are disabled

Check to download Fabreasy PDF Creator for Windows as FREE.

Download Fabreasy PDF Creator for Windows Free

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