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LiteManager — remote access software for remote administration of computers over the Internet or remote control in a local network, for distant learning, providing remote support to users and supervising work activity of employees. What's new?
  • Domain import with hierarchy OU.
  • Screen recorder settings on Server's side.
  • Active connection window with Screens of remote monitors.
  • Encryption for LM Viewer's config files (config_3.xml, connections_3.4.xml).
  • NOIP
  • Logs manager.
  • Several ports for NOIP with connection type. (Viewer or Server connection).
  • Version limitation for clients.
  • Optimization for RSA/AES encryption, and also fully LM encryption.
  • Personal accounts on NOIP. Access rights, logs, licensing and address book management.
  • for x64 platform.
  • Auto adding LM Servers from NOIP.
  • Audio-video chat is improved to the conference mode.

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