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Simple Data Backup is quite possibly the easiest backup solution out there! It is easy and efficient backup software that creates non-proprietary backups. It can back up folders/files from one drive to another anytime you want on-demand (including with an optional direct shortcut on your desktop to run the backup), on a schedule, or at logon. Back up to another hard drive, network drive, flash drive, the 'cloud' (Internet server) via FTP, SSH, or WebDav, DVD (if packet-writing software is installed) and more. It can create identical folder/file structures on the backup drive, or can compress the data as .ZIP or LZMA-compressed .7z files. It can back up "in use" files (including Outlook data), monitor and alert you to any errors including potentially by email/SMS or reporting status to the web, and it automatically handles the whole full/incremental backup thing that other programs make you deal with. Simple Data Backup is powerful, stable, and secure, but also simple - just pick the folders you want to be backed up and a few settings and you're done! Important note: the giveaway contains a full version license with no update support. But should a user choose to install an update, the lifetime giveaway license will be lost, and the program will revert to a trial.

Check to download Simple Data Backup 8.9.1 as FREE.

Download Simple Data Backup 8.9.1 Free

iVoicesoft Giveaway offer Simple Data Backup 8.9.1 for free download.
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Simple Data Backup 8.9.1 may be only available to FREE download in published day, 17 Nov 2019. Next day, we will offer new Giveaway. Check it now!

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