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NB: Basic license, 50 images ($19.95) Apowersoft Background Eraser is a piece of stunning software that can automatically remove background from photo without any hassle. You only need to import your images, and it will do the rest for you. In just a minute, you can get a precise cutout with transparent background. And there is also a built-in library of backdrop templates available, which will be updated with new designs regularly. No matter you want to change color for your ID photo, create stylish photograph for goods, or make greeting cards, you can always achieve a satisfied result with it. Four Steps to Remove/Change Photo Background: 1. Choose "Portrait recognition" or "Others recognition" from the interface for your image. 2. Import a photo into the software, and it will remove the background automatically. 3. (Optional) Choose "Change background" and add a new background for the cutout. 4. Click "Download" button to save the processed file in original quality on your computer. Key Features: - Automatically remove background from image. - Instantly cut out object precisely from the background within several seconds. - Change background with one click. - Built-in background colors and well-designed templates. - Preserves the original photo quality. - An intuitive interface friendly to beginners. - Support nearly all commonly used photo formats.

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