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BeeCut is an easy yet powerful video editor. Videos created with this tool can be used for teaching, presentation, sharing and just plain fun. It takes a pinch of fantasy to trim, cut, split, merge, reverse, rotate, add mosaic to video clips, apply stylish video effects, create PIP effect, add cool animated captions, accelerate/slow down your video speed, and many more. Key Features : • Possesses multiple tracks including video/ image track, PIP track, text track, audio track, filters track and overlays track. • Automatically add subtitles to your video. • Export video to 1080p. • Built-in music library and materials including texts, filters, overlays and transitions. • Picture-in-picture feature. • Provides 16:9, 9:16 (Tik Tok), 1:1 (Instagram), 4:3 aspect ratios and more. Four Steps to Edit Your Videos: 1. Import your videos, audios or images to the Media area. 2. Drag the files to the Timeline. 3. Edit your videos on the Timeline. You can basically trim, cut, split, merge and rotate video clips. You can also use its advanced functions, for example, animated texts, PIP effects, filters, overlays, transitions and zoom to enhance your video. 4. Click the “Export” button to save your video in HD quality on the local disk. NB: The license is provided for 1 year (!!! NEW users only) Step-by-step Activation method

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