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Easy Speech2Text is the simplest audio recognition software used to transcribe your voice and mp3 into plain text. At the same time, it also supports converting your text to voice. With its high-quality natural sounding voice, this text-to-speech program will improve your work efficiency greatly. As it has been powered by Google and other advanced TTS/STT technology, the converted results could be guaranteed.
  • High Accurate Mp3 Transcription;
  • Text to Speech with Natural Voices;
  • Create and Load Google API Credential;
  • 90 Minutes Mp3 Audio Recognition Per Time Google STT engine;
  • 30000 Words for Text-to-Speech Per Time Google TTS engine;
  • For Commercial Use;
  • Use SSML(Speech Synthesis Markup Language)TTS.
Using Google Json Credential is the key of EasySpeech2Text Pro. In today's digital marketing, most Mp3 transcriber software are too expensive to afford. Like Speechpad, the transcription costs $1 to $3 per minute. However, using Google API is much cheaper. Google provides $300 bonus and it means 12,500 minutes free transcription. In most cases, you do not have to pay anything. After the bonus is used up, Google charges only $1.44 for each hour audio transcription. It is difficult for non-technical users to call Google API. While EasySpeech2Text provides a super convenient method for users to load it. Note: You must create your own Google API and load the API in EasySpeech2Text. Google will ask for Credit Card to enable the API. For detailed tutorial, please view: 1. How to use EasySpeech2Text. 2. How to create your own Google API Credential file.

Check to download Easy Speech2Text 2.2.1 for Windows as FREE.

Download Easy Speech2Text 2.2.1 for Windows Free

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