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ALLCapture lets you record anything on your screen in real-time, even fluent movements such as online conferences and CAD-3D simulations can be professionally recorded. Various functions (balloons, notes, etc.) and special effects (elastic band, spotlight effects, etc.) offer an easy way of editing your recordings. Multiple export formats are available (Flash, EXE files, ASF and video files for the publication on CD, DVD, VCD and SVCD).
  • Start and stop screen recording with one click
  • Configure the recording window to meet required size
  • Support of full screen and multi-screen recording
  • Recording of overlapping windows and program interactions
  • Improved frame logic for better video capture and smaller file size
  • Standard Windows Interface: intuitive timeline for easy and effortless editing
  • Memory Manager: allows to swap video footage to external media (e.g. hard drive, flash drives or USB sticks) in order not to compromise the PC's performance
  • Check to download ALLCapture 3.0 as FREE.

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