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NB: The software requires .NET Framework 4.8 or higher Most of us keep our frequently used files, folders, and applications' shortcuts for quicker access. Most of the time, we will end up with a messy, confusing desktop. MSTech EDO, helps you to have access to your files, folders, and shortcuts, while you have a clean and organized desktop. You can create an unlimited number of windows on your desktop, show or hide them as you need. Easily keep unlimited files, folders, and shortcuts categorized by your style just by drag and drop them over the windows. Each window comes with a built-in search tool, which makes you able to find your desired file or folder easier and faster. Furthermore, you can manage your desktop wallpapers/backgrounds directly through the software. Also, you can enjoy downloading free high quality (HD) desktop wallpapers from the MSTech website. The Giveaway Promotion Details: - No Free Update - No Free Upgrade - No Free Support - No Commercial Use SPECIAL OFFER FOR GOTD: Buy MSTech Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v1.14.33 + FREE UPGRADE to v2.0 + FOR 1PCs - 60% OFF ($9.99). One Day Only. OTHER OFFERS FOR GOTD USERS ONLY TODAY: 1. MSTech Golden Pack Lifetime Upgrade $550.00 $29.99 %94 2. MSTech Silver Pack Lifetime Update $550.00 $24.99 %95 3. MSTech Bronze Pack 1 Year License $200.00 $14.99 %92 4. Folder Icon Pro $55.00 $9.99 %81 5. Swift Gadget $55.00 $9.99 %81 6. Search in Contents Pro $45.00 $9.99 %77 7. Search in Contents Basic $30.00 $5.99 %80 8. Image Resize Basic Basic $20.00 $5.99 %70 9. Easy Desktop Organizer Basic $15.00 $5.99 %60 10. Check Writer Pro $210.00 $14.99 %92 11. Check Writer Basic $210.00 $9.99 %92

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