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Soft Organizer is an excellent and very easy to use application to install and uninstall programs completely on Microsoft Windows. Programs can be installed with tracking, which means the tool records all places in the system where the installed program leaves traces. In the future, these data allow removing that program completely, including all leftovers that may stay in the system after regular uninstalling using the Control Panel. Features: - Search for traces (residues) of the program being uninstalled - Universal Windows Apps Removal - Built-in program rating - Automatic backups - Remove multiple programs at once - Export the list of installed programs to HTML - Sorting and grouping of the list - Program quick search function - Built-in automatic update mechanism - Check for new versions Pro-version features: - PRO Search for leftovers of the already uninstalled programs - PRO Tracked installation of programs - PRO "Silent" program installation - PRO New versions installation NB: Lifetime license with no updates.

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