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Game Fire is a PC game booster, a software that tries to improve computer performance in order to achieve the best gaming experience. Game Fire will not do miracles, however by using Game Fire we guarantee that you will have the best possible gaming experience by dedicating all available resources to games and apps that matter and reducing resources consumed by unnecessary services and background processes. Game Fire can significantly enhance your gaming experience by boosting system performance and reliability, this will help eliminate lags and interruptions and improve game FPS. Game Fire optimizes your computer performance by turning off unnecessary system features, applying various system tweaks and focusing computer resources on games you are playing. The result would be a great gaming experience with a single mouse click. Unlike other game boosters, Game Fire can boost games and apps performance in real-time so that they can fully utilize available system resources like CPU and memory and in the same time it deprioritize unnecessary and background processes. Game Fire also provides real-time system health and performance information like the CPU and GPU temperature and clock speed. Game Fire gives experienced users the control on every aspect of the optimization process using an easy and powerful user interface. Game Fire also provides a wide range of powerful optimization tools that can squeeze every bit of performance out of your computer like a disk defragment utility, settings tweaking tool, applications optimizer and many more. FAQ

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Download Game Fire 6.5.3 Professional Free

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