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Join and win one of the 30 yearly licenses for GOM Mix Pro! GOM Mix Pro is a fantastic tool for anyone who’s looking for a software that’s not too complicated, accessible to anyone who’s never worked with these types of editors before. It provides straightforward editing and source control, making it pretty easy for anyone to give their videos a professional look. Without any fuss, this editor and encoder combines clips and files, as well as adding text and images into moving footage. Thanks to this user-friendly interface this program really is suitable for all, from beginners to complete experts. This program is constantly being updated to make sure that the user is always getting the most out of the experience. Also being added to regularly are the numerous templates, overlay clips, editing tools and filters. Overall, this modern editing program can deliver impressive video content within very little time. Available for Windows through different buying options (Free Version, Extra Package and Full Version) this is an application which can document your memories in style. Please note: The license is valid for 1 year

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