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NB: Please Follow Readme instructions carefully to activate the offer. See more pics here Spektrel Art is an extravagant otherworldly display of undulating movement that glimmers and gleams with intersecting lines of tapered light. Applied to photos, this medium of imaginative and magical art form transcends the ordinary to extraordinary creating something wild, sparkling with life and colorful spaces. SPEKTREL ART INCLUDES
  • Presets to start you off
  • Detail slider to increase the amount of intersecting lines
  • Glow options add colorful edges and splendrous brillance
  • Taper Length and Sharpen sliders to add twinkle
  • TLighten and Brighten sliders to make it illuminate
  • TEdge Detail slider to exaggerate the lines
  • TSmoothing slider to softens lines
  • TColor Boost for enhanced color
  • TBrushes to soften or remove effect
  • TInfinite variation for illuminated twinkles, fluid lines and ethereal softness
  • Check to download Spektrel Art (Win&Mac) 1.1.8 as FREE.

    Download Spektrel Art (Win&Mac) 1.1.8 Free

    iVoicesoft Giveaway offer Spektrel Art (Win&Mac) 1.1.8 for free download.
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    Spektrel Art (Win&Mac) 1.1.8 may be only available to FREE download in published day, 31 Aug 2020. Next day, we will offer new Giveaway. Check it now!

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