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Just by thinking of having to undergo the daunting and time-consuming process of video production could definitely be overwhelming. And with such hardwork, seeing your video get stolen or tampered would be the last thing you want to witness, right? In such scenario, watermarking is the best solution to resort to.

In simple terms, Video Watermark Maker is a tool that basically attaches watermark, which then completes the process of the copyright protection as well as authenticity. With such tool, you can protect your file from being illegally copied by whoever, thereby keeping your product intact and secured.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy application of protection and branding of your videos;
  • Customizable and disappearing watermarks;
  • Branding your videos including YouTube videos;
  • Embedding either picture or text watermarks;
  • Powerful batch processing;
  • Automated watermark scaling.

With the incredible characteristics there is with Video Watermark Maker, users, especially companies, could simply achieve fascinating benefits such as:

  • Improved security, protection and authenticity of all video files designated even for public viewing;
  • Effortlessly enhance company branding and exposure through the use of embedded watermarks in company video With the use of such software, incorporating watermarks in your company-produced videos can be simply done.

You just have to prepare for the exact file, which can be your company logo/brand, a statement or whatever you wish, you want to use as your watermark. And since customization is highly possible with such software, deciding for the complete look of your watermark could be done without a fuss. Doing this process protects any video from being copied and/or stolen by unauthorized personnel.

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