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MSD Passwords is a powerful and easy to use password management software which will allow you to navigate to Internet password protected sites with easy using the default browser of your computer. Save time and make your Internet experience easier. No more need to recall dozens of user names and passwords to login to your favorite sites. Enter in this password management software the Internet addresses of social networks like Facebook or Twitter, webmail sites like Google or Hotmail, messenger sites like MSN or your favorite banks. Enter also the user names and passwords to login to these sites and that's it. You will be able to enter these protected sites with a couple of mouse clicks, without recalling login information. MSD Passwords is a very safe program. Select a password to protect your data and a strong encryption algorithm will protect the information from unauthorized access. Your information will also be protected while you use the program, thanks to runtime protection features, which prevent other people from using your login information if you leave your computer with the program running. If you install MSD Passwords Portable in a removable disk or in a Pen-Drive you will be able to transport your login information with maximum security. If you lose your removable disk nobody will be able to access the information it contains if you protected the program with a password. NB: Lifetime license with no updates.

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