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Please note: program archive includes only text file with the download instructions! Looking to generate more traffic, but not sure how to make your online content more engaging? It’s time to try WebAnimator go, the simplest tool in the WebAnimator product range, to create HTML5 animations quickly and easily. Save time and effort with Go’s ready-made animation pre-sets. In less than a minute, you can create gifs, banners, product presentations, and slideshows for your website and online projects. With WebAnimator go, you can bring unique content to life in 3 simple steps, without having to write a single line of code or use any particular design skills. That’s an unparalleled advantage for web beginners. Text transitions, sliders, and animated images are just some of the effects ready for you to dive into. Features:
  • 4 standard templates;
  • Template Collection 1 included;
  • Import images of any format (.jpg, .png., .svg);
  • Custom color overlay and texts;
  • Save and Embed HTML5 code;
  • Export to GIF;
  • Export projects to WebAnimator Now and Plus;
  • Compatible with WebSite X5 site builder.

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