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NB: Please, create a new Apowersoft account in case the licence period is shown less then 1 year after the program activation. Apowersoft Watermark Remover is stunning software to process watermarks on videos and photos. With it, you can easily remove watermarks from videos/photos, while keeping the original quality for the output files. The latest version even added an AI function to remove watermarks on photos, so you can get the best result without the help of Photoshop. Besides that, it comes equipped with the watermark function with which you can not only add text to photo/video, but you can also overlay image and make some customization if you want. Four Steps to Process Watermarks on Videos/Photos: 1. Choose the function that you want to use on the main interface. 2. Import video/photos into the software. 3. Choose the watermark to remove from your video/photo with the selection tool, or add the text/image over the video/photo as you wish. 4. Click the "Convert" button to save the processed files in original quality on your computer. Key Features: - Batch remove watermarks from videos and photos. - Add AI technology to remove watermarks in photos. - Add text/image watermarks to videos and photos. - Offers three watermark selection tools for photos including marquee tool, polygonal lasso tool and brush. - Support to remove watermarks from some parts of the video instead of processing the whole video. - Support nearly all commonly used photo and video formats. - Process files quickly while keeping the original quality. - An intuitive interface and support drag-and-drop format. NB: Removes 50 backgrounds.

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