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One-Stop iOS Data Transfer and Management Solution. The best iOS data transfer software on Windows. It can easily transfer and manage more than 15 types of iOS data on iPhone/iPad/iPod. With ease, you can use this tool to transfer files among iOS devices and computers. Transfer Data from one iOS Device to Another If you want to migrate data from iPhone to a new one, or share some files between different iOS devices, DMtrans can help you transfer the data smoothly. It’s really a valuable feature if you want to enjoy the new iPhone with all the old data intact. Transfer Data Between iOS Device and PC Move files from iOS device to PC to free some space or just keep the data on PC as a backup. You can later import/transfer the data back to iOS device directly without problems.Transfer important or favorite data to iPhone/iPad and help you keep the wanted data in hand anytime.

Check to download DMtrans for Windows 1.0 as FREE.

Download DMtrans for Windows 1.0 Free

iVoicesoft Giveaway offer DMtrans for Windows 1.0 for free download.
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