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RationalPlan Single is a project management software that can be considered as an affordable alternative to Microsoft Project. Basically it offers 80% of its functionality at 20% of the cost. The product was designed to help novice or accidental project managers to lean how to manage their projects. It comes with an embedded project guide that will take users step by step through the process of planning and managing a project. All these steps follow the Project Management Body of Knowledge a book published by the Project Management Institute. The users will learn how to create projects and tasks, how to plan them in time by creating dependencies, will create working calendars, assign resources for tasks, establish costs and track the evolution of the project. RationalPlan Single goes beyond a simple personal To-Do list. It will help you learn how to organize your work in order to become more productive. Have you ever renovated your house and noticed that things got out of control and the initial estimated budget was not a realistic one? Then try RationalPlan and you will see the difference.

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Download RationalPlan Single 5.6.2 (Win&Mac) Free

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