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ScreenCamera allows you to go live with your computer screen and webcam at the same time on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all services and apps out there. ScreenCamera is the best choice for doing tutorials. ScreenCamera is a virtual camera software that works as a ManyCam alternative as a webcam splitter. You can use ScreenCamera as a means of using your webcam on multiple sites and applications simultaneously. ScreenCamera is also a screen and webcam recorder with hotkeys and tons of features you will find perfect to capture what you need from the desktop when you need it. Whether you're looking to go live with screen tutorials, record webcam and screen at the same time, or simply split your webcam, ScreenCamera will work perfectly for you. Main Features: The virtual camera is compatible with all live streaming services and applications. Screen recorder. Webcam splitter. Extra features: Modern and practical user interface. Ability to record video directly to MP4, no conversion needed. Ability to watermark video. Ability to invert video output to suit all possible services and applications ManyCam is the most well known virtual camera there is. ManyCam is designed for fun-packed with effects for your webcam video. ScreenCamera is designed for screen tutorials which can be live or not. Both are powerful virtual camera software. If you work with tutorials you must consider having ScreenCamera on your toolset.

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