HARDiNFO PRO Lifetime Free download

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View what's inside your computer, benchmark your PC and compare with other results.
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Get detailed system information about your PC hardware components and peripherals, like; CPU, Memory, Motherboard, Display Adapter, HDD/SSD Disk Drives, Monitor, Notebook Battery, Operating System Drivers and more.
  • Computer Benchmark
  • Test your PC Performance with Advanced Benchmarks and compare the results online with other benchmarks. HARDiNFO can test the performance of your Display Adapter, CPU, Memory, SSD/HDD, USB Memory Sticks and more.
  • System Monitor
  • Monitor your Computer hardware, services, processes, drivers, network and notebook battery. HARDiNFO includes an advanced Network Traffic monitor and Notebook Battery charge/discharge monitor to analyze the battery health.

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