WinSysClean X PRO Free download

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  • Maximize PC Performance
  • With over 2300 cleaning and repair functions WinSysClean reduces the junk files to minimum and makes Windows to use less memory, free more system resources and operate without errors which results in faster PC performance
  • Repair Windows and Clean Registry
  • Repair Windows errors by fixing registry entries which points to incorrect system files. WinSysClean also cleans the windows registry by removing obsolete entries left by uninstalled software which greatly improves the PC performance.
  • Windows Tune-up
  • WinSysClean include Windows tuning functions like; desktop customizations, system special desktop shortcuts, repair Internet Explorer favorites, System Monitor graphs (cpu, memory, disk, windows services and drivers monitor)
  • Repair Windows and Fix Registry Errors
  • WinSysClean scans all Windows files and Registry records for errors, from drivers to applications using complex Windows Registry analisys. Windows Driver Errors or registry entries pointing to missing drivers are automatically fixed by WinSysClean.

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