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Animated Banner Maker is a powerful animated gif maker that creates key-frame based layer-by-layer vectorial animations of images, text, and polygons along a timeline. This animated gif banner maker technology is inspired on late Flash now Adobe Animate. Between key-frames you can animate position, size, rotation, transparency, and colors of all symbols including images, text, and polygons. You can create highly impressive visual content with ABM. The animated gif creator is designed to create animated banner ads with the kind of rich content you can only reproduce with Adobe Animate really. ABM is designed with simplicity and it will feel more at home to those acquainted with key-frame animation. There is a learning curve. Read the user guide section on key-frame animation. The software outputs to animated GIF and WebP if you want to go True color. With ABM, all elements are operated with the mouse, usability feels natural after a few quick sample projects. Main Features: 1. Ability to work with banners of any resolution both horizontal and vertical. 2. Generates rich content that can only be reproduced by Adobe Animate. 3. User interface modular and clean. 4. Medium learning curve, considered bellow the average you would expect from a complex animated gif banner maker like this. 5. Ability to output to animated GIF and True Color WebP. 6. Store even complex storyboards in one file to edit whenever you need. 7. Support for all fonts installed on the system and then some. 8. Anti-alised drawing of fonts, images, and shapes. Animations come out smooth. Extra Features: 1. Entire object manipulation is mouse based, properly presented, and will feel natural to users. 2. Shortcuts for changing canvas size and background color. 3. Easy-to-use file system to work with. Animated Banner Maker is perfect to create impressive animated banners ads to effectively elevate conversions.

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