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Batch Video CompreXor is the perfect tool to reduce your video files to as much as 95% of the original video file. Batch Video CompreXor reduces video files by reducing video quality and audio quality by a percentage you define, so you can turn your videos into any size you want. Batch Video CompreXor works for MP4, MOV, MPG, WMV, QT, AVI, MP3, OGG, 3GP, FLAC, FLV and more. Batch Video CompreXor is not a lossless video compressor but it can maintain high quality and still reduce size drammatically. It maintains high quality both for video and audio on the upper 50% range. You can customize the video resolution, size, and format as you see fit. Most people tend to create videos to share them with family and friends. The video file size can become a problem because of the size limitations that are imposed on social media apps, email servers, etc. Large files take longer to upload. Another reason for which you would need your video project to be smaller is for saving space on your storage. Batch Video CompreXor could not offer an easier user interface, 2 sliders to setup the percentage of quality reduction for video and audio. Regardless of why you need to shrink video files or audio files, Batch Video CompreXor will most definitly do the trick. Main Features: 1. Video compressor with great quality control. 2. Audio compressor with great quality control. 3. Straightforward easy-to-use user interface. 4. Ability to reduce any video file or any audio file to any size you need. Extra Features: 1. Support for 20+ different formats. 2. Fast compression even for large videos. Batch Video CompreXor will shrink your video files and audio files to any ize you need!

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Download Batch Video Comprexor 1.7.4 Free

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