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FileWhopper is a service specially designed to transfer large files and folders online in a smart way. What’s the smart way?
  • No file size limits, literally. Want to transfer a single 10TB file? Just press the START button.
  • Transfer folders without compressing (stop wasting your time on zipping them, seriously).
  • No monthly fee - pay as you go only for what you send.
  • Small apps for extra speed and privacy.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption for top-level data security (even our best IT guys can’t decrypt what is being transferred, we’ve checked).
15 GB free transfer coupons for GOTD users! This is an online service, so no program needs to be installed. Zip archive includes only the text file with the instructions!

Check to download FileWhopper as FREE.

Download FileWhopper Free

iVoicesoft Giveaway offer FileWhopper for free download.
You have limited time to download and install it.

FileWhopper may be only available to FREE download in published day, 24 May 2021. Next day, we will offer new Giveaway. Check it now!

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