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  • Designed to protect your privacy.
  • Your uploaded files are client-side encrypted and then fragmented into small pieces. Only you hold your decryption key which retrieves your fragmented files.
  • Your data is yours to share.
  • Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud all have permission to access your data. Internxt Drive features zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that only you can ever access your files.
  • Secure. Private. Simple to use.
  • A functional and intuitive interface with a variety of different customizations and features, such as encrypted file sharing.
  • Available on all your devices.
  • The files you keep secure on Internxt Drive are easy to get to. Access your files from our desktop app, Web browser app and our iOS or Android app.
  • Your Business in your hands.
  • Internxt Drive for teams allows you and your team to store files with total security, collaborate privately with other members and toggle your administration features.

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