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PDF Text OCR Xtractor is perfect to extract text from PDFs and all kinds of popular image formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, and TIFF. PDF Text OCR Xtractor uses Tesseract OCR technology. Tesseract is perhaps the most powerful and advanced OCR software out there and here is why: First of all, a bit of history. It was developed by HP in 1994, but soon the company released it under Apache License for open-source development. In 2006, Google took over the project and sponsored developers to work on Tesseract. Fast forward now and Tesseract has become the most powerful OCR engine that uses Deep Learning to extract texts from images (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc.) and PDF files. PDF Text OCR Xtractor supports 20+ different languages and lets you set custom processing parameters to source files/images, such as smoothening and DPI adjustment, increasing contrast, and other useful tricks, before analyzing them. PDF Text OCR Xtractor has high accuracy and will get any image or PDF you have into editable searchable text. The conversion from image to text is quick. Main Features: 1. Use of the best OCR technology available. 2. Support for 20+ different languages. 3. Useful image transformations to enhance accuracy on difficult documents. Extra Features: 1. Cheapest Tesseract engine graphical user interface you can possibly find! 2. Support for PDF and all common image formats like PNG, JPG, BMP.

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