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Photo Effects is a Win/Mac software that could be used for enhancing your photos with multiple effects and filters. The inbuilt presets make it possible to redefine your images like a pro. It’s user-friendly and delivers rapid outputs. It provides all kinds of parameters that you can adjust and get amazing results. Here are some key features that you coudld use: Exposure Adjust the photo exposure including lightness, contrast and saturation. Shadows and Highlights Provide brilliant algorithm to change the highlights, shadows and their tonal width. Tone Mapping Change the tone mapping of your photo to make your flat HDR images more punchy and full of details. Smart DRC Use the smart DRC method for dynamic range compression and contrast enhancement of digital images. Sharpness Sharpen and enhance the edge to create incredible effects. Make the photo clear. Local Contrast Local contrast enhancement will increase "local" contrast in smaller regions while protecting large-scale s/h details. Noise Reduction Get rid of the noises from the photo that taken by digital camera. Enhance and improve photo quality. White Balance Adjust the color temperature and tink to correct color casts that result from certain lighting situations. More Functionalities Explore more capabilities of the best Photo effects like Vibrance, Channel Mixer, Soft light, Vignette and Presets.

Check to download Photo Effects Pro 2.0.0 (Win&Mac) as FREE.

Download Photo Effects Pro 2.0.0 (Win&Mac) Free

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