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Topic: Animation, Video, Image, Giveaway

All in one content creator: Video editor, Audio editor, Image editor, 300+ GPU accelerated effects, animations, H265/H264 export, color grading, handwriting text. Features Audio Specific
  • Featured audio arranger: audio, pianoroll, score, drum loop and automation editors.
  • Unlimited tracks, sticky feature, multiple timelines, smart hiding.
  • Polymorphic tracks and 15 different polymorphic part types.
  • ASIO, VST 3.x, Remote Control, DMX support, Art-Net support
  • etc... Video Specific
  • Unlimited scenes, unlimited timelines, unlimited tracks.
  • Featured video arranger: image, video, text editors.
  • Single blend mode and multiple blend mode with more than 30 different blend modes.
  • Animation editor with move,zoom,rotate,scale animation modes with 3D object support
  • Featured layer blend modes and geometric/brush masking capabilities.
  • Multiple-Cut mode with unlimited part grid.
  • Multiple media bays with grid list, categories and sort.
  • Panorama creation tool
  • Motion tracking effects
  • 360° video and photo viewer
  • Advanced markers
  • Mass video converter
  • etc... See all Features here Turbo Play videos

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