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Installation instructions More training videos and Here SQL Planner is a helper tool for database administrators whose working environment of choice is SQL Server. Relying on a web-based interface, this application enables DBAs to monitor the server’s health and create database backups with ease from any device. Our software product improves DBA / Developer efficiency , productivity and aims to save millions for large organizations. SQL Planner mainly helps DBA / IT Professional to analyze database server health with 100+ reports (Blocking ,deadlock, Exp QRY, space ,CPU, indexing ,resource usage etc), receive alerts , monitoring, Backup and Validation of backup file by restoring to test server with many other advanced features which give flexibility to DBA to work from Any device which means above task can be done from mobile or tablet too unlike as of todays time where they must have Windows based OS. Your SQL Server & SQL Planner with complete Database Administration Solution as following which comes also with Forever free edition too - 1. SQL Server Monitoring 2. SQL Server Job Monitoring 3. SQL Server Health Analytics 4. SQL Server Back up & Restore Automation 5. SQL Server Index De-Fragment 6. SQL Server Scripting Automation

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