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Music Recorder is an efficient software for users to collect music in handy ways. The essential function is to record streaming audio from various sources. Whenever you enjoy listening to a song from a website like Spotify or radio station, you can record it directly with this tool. There will be automatically added ID3 tag, including information about artist, album, etc. to every recorded song. That makes it very easy for saving any song you stream without having to know the name or other information. Key features:
  • Record any audio you stream on a music platform or radio station.
  • Quickly identify the name and artist of streaming music and attach ID3 tags to it.
  • Flexibly save your song in the desired audio format when recording completes.
  • Additional features of task manager, file transfer, and more to enhance your experience.

Check to download Acethinker Music Recorder 1.2.6 (Win&Mac) as FREE.

Download Acethinker Music Recorder 1.2.6 (Win&Mac) Free

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