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Live video streaming software for you to go live on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and applications and services alike simultaneously even! With Hi-QoS Streaming Server, you can choose to stream through a key which YouTube and most services accept, or you can stream directly with Hi-QoS Streaming Server's own virtual camera. Hi-QoS Streaming Server camera can be selected as a webcam on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all applications and services available for live streaming. Hi-QoS Streaming Server has the ability to stream from any source of capture on your computer including TV cards and external devices like Camcorders. Hi-QoS Streaming Server is also a media streaming server capable of streaming playlists of movies in high quality with QoS (Quality of Service). Hi-QoS Streaming Server has the unique ability of streaming screen capture with webcam video capture on the same video shot in PiP (picture in picture). All streamed content is saved to hard disk in WMV, and even MP4. Hi-QoS Streaming Server even comes with its own video editor tool for you to trim and split recorded content. Plus Hi-QoS Streaming Server live video streaming software offers you the ability to overlay your your logo on top of live video which is important for business. Main Features: 1. Cheapest yet powerful streaming server you can find. 2. Virtual camera for direct streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and everywhere else. 3. Plenty of settings but hardly any need to even check them. 4. Desktop screen capture and webcam capture together at the same time on live video. 5. Stream live with QoS (Quality of Service). Extra features: 1. Toolbar for optimized screen sharing skills like follow cursor, zoom in, zoom out, and so on. 2. Ability to overlay logo image over live video. 3. Streaming profiles so you don't have to configure any task twice. Hi-QoS Streaming Server is by far the easiest to setup and cheapest way you can possibly find of going live on the main platforms. Hi-QoS Streaming Server is a powerful live streaming software. Hi-QoS Streaming Server is the best software to stream live video.

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