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GitMind is an easy-to-use mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It can be used to brainstorm, take notes, organize ideas and knowledge, manage tasks and projects, inspire creativity and improve productivity. GitMind saves all changes automatically and sync across your devices seamlessly. Key Features of GitMind: • Create from pre-made templates • Change map theme, layout and style • Custom background, font, border, line • Insert images, hyperlinks and comments • Edit/Generate map outline • Secure cloud storage • Sync across your devices • Share and collaborate online • Retrieve change history • Export to PNG, JPG, PDF, TXT, GitMind Project Three Steps to Make Mind Maps: 1. Click “Use Templates” to copy a template. 2. Fill in the content and customize the style. 3. Click “Export” button.

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Download GitMind VIP 1.0.4 Free

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