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HQ GIF Maker turns whatever plays on your screen into an animated GIF. HQ GIF Maker is ideal to turn movies into animated GIF. HQ GIF Maker is also perfect to record step-by-step tutorials into animated GIF. HQ GIF Maker creates a custom palette for the content you record based on the most frequently found 256 colors to create the best possible quality animated GIF. Important feature present on this easy-to-use video to gif converter. HQ GIF Maker has a simple user interface with one flow: You select the area of the screen to capture. Click to record. Stop when done. Trim it. And export it. The best color selection is automatic so high quality is guaranteed. You can set the GIF resolution if you don''t want it equal to what you have recorded. With HQ GIF Maker, you select the capture frame-rate and it should be high for movies, and it should be low for tutorials to keep the file size small. Main Features: 1. High quality output guaranteed. 2. Configurable frame-rate. 3. Capture anything that plays on your screen to animated GIF in 3 steps: Record, trim, and export. Extra Features: 1. Ability to trim recorded content before export. This gives you the ability to throw away start and finish you don''t want. You can burn the start again and again. 2. 2 step exporting starting with best color selection andthen encoding. HQ GIF Maker allows you to create gif from video and create gif from screen capture all in one easy-to-use convenient package.

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Download HQ GIF Maker 2.3.5 Free

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