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NOTE: The Free version switches to the Pro version upon license activation. Smart Defrag is a reliable, stable, yet easy-to-use disk optimizer designed for peak hard drive performance. Unlike other traditional disk defragmenters which only provide defragmentation, Smart Defrag also intelligently streamlines your files based on using frequency to accelerate disk data access. With the improved IObit disk defrag engine, Smart Defrag can defrag HDD and trim SSD to accelerate disk access speed and enhance disk durability. Smart Defrag also provides special optimization for the file organization algorithm on Windows 10 to bring you faster data access. In addition, Smart Defrag delivers several other useful features: Boot Time Defrag can defrag Windows registry and files to release more occupied RAM and ensure the system stability; Auto Defrag and Scheduled Defrag ensure your disks are always optimized to their top performance as per your needs; Game Optimize is designed to offer gamers ultra-smooth gaming experience; Disk Health can help you monitor your disk status in real time. In summary, Smart Defrag is a must-have disk optimization tool for quicker data access, smoother gaming, and faster processing on Windows.

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