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Fast Screen Recorder is software to record your computer screen activities like your important video conference, video tutorials, and educational activity. If you are a gamer then you can record all moments of your game where you are playing after that you can share with your friends. Here is how you can use Fast Screen Recorder Follow Only These Three Steps: 1. Select Recording Area: After launching the application, you will be provided with two options - Full Screen and Custom. Select the option as per your choice. For custom screen recording, you can mention the width and the height of the screen you want to record. 2. Choose Audio, Mic Settings: Next, you will be asked for Webcams, Speakers, and Mic Settings. Choose them accordingly as per your need. 3. Start Recording: Click on the ‘Start Recording’ button when you are ready. After you finish recording, just click on the ‘Stop’ option and your recorded screen will be saved. Features and Benefits - Record Any Screen Area - Record Video with Microphone - Record only Audio - Set Auto Stop Recording - Record Mouse Activity - Change Shortcut Keys

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